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A brief and occasional log of my journey to Boston, MA, in January of 2006, to attend Arisia and teach several workshops along the way.
(01-07-2006) I still have no idea what the obligatory forgotten-thing is, this trip -- nothing has suddenly come to mind as having been left behind. I hope, as Jasper suggests, that it is something like socks or toothpaste, not silver or tools.

I got away from St. Petersburg around 6AM this morning, and now it is almost 7PM, here in Georgetown, SC, just a short distance from where I'll be teaching tomorrow. Mostly a good drive, other than being run into the median by a guy in a pickup who had decided to change lanes without looking. A little bouncy, but nothing serious.
(01-08-2006) The workshop in Surfside Beach was very small, but that has its advantages. I get to know people in smaller groups in a little more depth, but I also enjoy the chaos of larger ones, so I'm glad to be able to have both kinds.

I drove up to Rocky Mount, NC, before finding a place to stay for the night, so tomorrow's journey will be only four or five hours (depends on DC traffic, of course) and I can take it easy along the way.

It's amazing how many people think that "passing" consists of driving next to another car or truck for up to ten minutes at a time. I'll never understand how someone can muster the courage to do something that dangerous, but chickens out when it comes to speeding up just a tiny bit.
(01-09-2006) Eight students for the workshop in Riverdale, MD, and everyone had a great time. All bracelets were completed in reasonable time, I demonstrated soldering to finish off the knot, as well as the usual wire-wrap finish, and almost everyone there will be back again next week for the rings. The weather is holding, cool and clear, which is fine with me -- going north in mid-Winter is probably not the most sensible thing I've ever done, and I could still end up suffering for my foolishness... but not so far!
(01-10-2006) An easy day, driving up to Philadelphia to see my nephew and his family. We ate at a Moroccan restaurant, the Casablanca, an experience that I can recommend highly.

I don't have to be anywhere in particular, tomorrow, which means driving through New York will be somewhat less stressful than it might otherwise be.
(01-11-2006) Up through NYC, into Connecticut, and another quiet evening. The weather is starting to deteriorate, and this is what I saw, crossing one of the bridges:
Bridge traffic in NYC.

I'm stopped for the night in WIndsor, CT. There's this nasty white stuff all over the ground, very untidy-looking. I brought in a sample for analysis:
cold white stuff
(01-12-2006) Beautiful weather, after all, though there's still snow:
Frozen water, eww...
Met with friends for a while, and Lilith modeled my shirt and the new corset:
The new corset.Lilith wearing the shirt.
<Zooming in on the corset.
and then went on to Littleton, MA, where we had a great time in my workshop at Cloak and Dagger's studio. Long day...
(01-13-2006) Finally, at Arisia, and trying to get things organized for the art show -- lots of work, but it was worth it. I've added a few pictures to the convention folder, and will be adding more.
(01-16-2006) The con was great, and I'm still adding pictures. I've got another directory with pictures unrelated to Arisia, and will put more pictures in that one, as well.
(01-16-2006) The con was great, and I'm still adding pictures. I've got another directory with pictures unrelated to Arisia, and will put more pictures in that one, as well.

Good workshop in Littleton again, rings this time, and everyone did well. Another success, since there was little bloodshed and no insurrection.
(01-19-2006) Not much going on except driving through snowy wastes and visiting my nephew's family in Philadelphia.

The workshop in Riverdale was another great success, good rings all around, and now I'm continuing south.
(01-21-2006) The anniversary celebration for Moonstone Beads in Surfside Beach was an interesting venue for my last ring workshop. I only had a couple of students -- I hope none of the other folks there were unduly irked at my response when they tried to become audience members, but I felt that it was unfair to let them stand there and watch for free when I'm charging good money for someone to see what I'm doing.
(01-22-2006) Home at last, tired and aching. I'll count up the miles and unpack my clothes later...

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