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Some folks have commented on the fact that some of my pendants have what appear to be Turk's-head rings used as bezels. That's exactly right, and all you have to do is make the ring large enough for the circumference of the stone, and of material that "works" with it, i.e., the right color and sufficiently malleable to form the edges well.
A 5x9 ring as a bezel on a US nickel.
I used thinner wire, about 0.021", so as to minimize the width of the knot -- it should be wide enough to cup the edge, but not so wide that it covers the face.

I didn't do anything in particular with the ends of the wire, you can see them in the next picture:
5x9 Turk's-head bezel, edge view.
Any of the passes can be lifted up to make an opening for a jump ring to pass through, to form a bail. I didn't do that with this piece, but you can see it on the other pendants displayed on the site.

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