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While I tend to prefer straight Turk's-head knots, for bracelets, rings, etc, there are related knots that are also interesting. Since the ordinary ones can be tied flat (see the earrings page for examples), one might suspect that adding a flat mat and a cylindrical pattern might work as a basket or bag, and one would be correct in that surmise...
The size of the bag is determined by the size of the form I tie it on. (Yes, I do these with a guide, they may or may not be possible from memory, but I haven't tried.) The above image shows bags that are a few inches across. Here's a shot that shows one of them with my iPod in it:
I've finally managed to get the larger pattern (24-bights around the lip) into a form that will make it reasonable for others to use. It is tied on a swimming pool noodle, using a printed guide and toothpicks to hold the loops in place. Click HERE to see/download the image for the guide.

I've been playing around with different sizes, but each one requires a different size pattern, on an appropriately sized cylindrical base. I used a PVC cylinder about the size of my thumb to do the ones below:
You might have noticed that there is an odd one in that picture... I did it in fine silver wire, just to see how it would work. That was a lot of effort, doubt if I'll do it again, but it came out very pretty.Here's a good reference for the size:

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